14:13. A trunk lid - removal, installation and adjustment

1. Open a trunk lid and close body panels old blankets or rags.
2. Disconnect wires which can interfere with removal of a cover.

13.3 Make marks around loops (1) - turn off fixing bolts (2) trunk lids for removal or adjustment of provision of a cover

3. Put adjusting marks around loops (13.3).
4. Ask the assistant to support a trunk lid, turn off fixing bolts and uncover (13.3).
5. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
6. After installation close a luggage carrier and check whether the cover is exactly established. For adjustment of provision of a cover turn off fixing bolts and move a cover as it is necessary.

13:7á Having turned off bolts (are specified by shooters), move a latch

13:7í On some models a rubber emphasis on corners trunk lids is established
1 Rubber emphasis

7 Height of a trunk lid can be adjusted, having turned off fixing bolts of a latch and having moved a latch (13.7a). On some models it is also possible to tighten up a rubber emphasis for adjustment of height of a cover (13.7b).