13.6. The suspension bracket rack shock-absorber - replacement

1. Remove a rack and a spring from the car. Clamp a rack in a vice.
2. Install compressors on a spring and squeeze it.

5.3 Holding a spring saddle, turn off a nut on a piston rod

3. Turn off a nut on a piston rod, holding a saddle of a spring (5.3).

5.4a suspension bracket rack Elements
2. Insulator
3. Spring saddle
4. Rubber damper
5. Piston
6. Nut
7. Sealing ring
8. Spring
9. Rack

5.4b Remove the insulator and the top saddle of a spring from a rack

4. Remove the insulator and the top saddle of a spring (5.4a and 5.4b). Check a condition of the bearing in the insulator and replace it if it is necessary.
5. Remove a spring.

5.6 Turn off a nut and pour out liquid

6. Remove a rubber damper. Turn off a nut of an epiploon and you will throw out it (5.6).
7. Get a rack from a vice and pour out shock-absorber liquid.

5.8 Remove a sealing ring
1. Sealing ring

8. Again clamp a rack in a vice and remove a sealing ring from a rack (5.8). Get the piston.
9. Wash out a rack solvent and dry up it compressed air. Wash out the piston.
10. Grease the cylinder of the shock-absorber and the piston with pure damping liquid. Insert the piston into the cylinder. Install the cylinder and the piston on a suspension bracket rack.
11. Fill the cylinder with damping liquid.

5.12 Grease a rod of the piston and install the directing plug by a flange up
1. The directing plug

12. Install the directing plug on the piston by a flange (5.12) up.
13. Establish a new sealing ring between the directing plug and the shock-absorber.
14. Grease an edge of an epiploon and a carving of a nut and reliably twirl it.
15. Check a piston stroke.

5.16a the End of a spring needs to be established in a ledge on a nest

5.16v the Top end of a spring has to be established in a ledge on the top nest (it is specified by an arrow)

16. Completely extend the piston. Establish a rubber damper, a spring and the top saddle of a spring 5.16a, 5.16b,5.16v( ).

5.16b At installation of the top saddle check that the flat party of an opening coincided with the flat party on a piston rod (are specified by shooters)

17. Install the insulator and a new nut, tighten a nut till the required inhaling moment.
18. Install a rack of a suspension bracket and a spring on the car.