13:24. Wheels and tires - the general description

1. On all cars described in this management radial tires of the metric sizes with a metal cord or a textile cord are installed (See the scheme). Use of tires of other sizes or types can significantly affect controllability and softness of the course of the car. Do not install on the car of the tire of different types, for example with a radial and diagonal cord as it can seriously affect controllability of the car. It is recommended to replace both tires on forward or back wheels at once, and when replacing only of one tire, check that new tires was the same size, type and with the same drawing of a protector as the second.
2. As pressure in tires exerts a great influence on controllability of the car and speed of wear of tires, it is necessary to check pressure in tires at least once a month or before distant trips (See the corresponding chapter).
3. The wheel needs to be replaced if it is bent, deformed, the tire passes air, openings for bolts of fastening of wheels were chiseled if the wheel rusted, got a form of an oval or if the clamps of fastening of a wheel cannot be put rather strongly. It is not recommended to repair a wheel if for this purpose it is necessary to use welding or to do a nagartovka.
4. Balancing of wheels is important for controllability of the car, its ability to braking and movement at big speeds. The debalanced wheels can worsen controllability of the car and service life of tires. At installation of the new tire on a disk, a wheel it is necessary to balance in the auto repair shop having the necessary equipment.

23.1 Sizes and type of tires