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13:20. Tips of steering drafts - removal and installation

1. Lift the car and remove a forward wheel.

19:2á Turn off a lock-nut, keeping steering draft a wrench

19:2í Mark the provision of installation of a tip on draft

2. Keeping steering draft flat-nose pliers, turn off a lock-nut so that it was possible to mark the provision of a tip of steering draft on draft (19.2a and 19.2b).
3. Get to the check and turn off a nut on a tip of steering draft.

19.4 For removal of a tip of steering draft from the lever of a rotary pin use a stripper

4. Disconnect steering draft from the lever of a rotary pin by means of a stripper (19.4).
5. Turn off a tip from steering draft.
6. Twirl a tip on steering draft to the mark made earlier and install draft on the lever of a rotary pin. Reliably tighten a lock-nut of steering draft.
7. Establish a koronchaty nut and tighten it till the required inhaling moment. Establish new to the check.
8. Establish a wheel and lower the car on the earth.
9. Check adjustment of forward wheels.