13:18. An intermediate shaft - removal and installation

1. Establish forward wheels directly and lift the car.

17:2á Elements of a steering column
1. Finishing panel
2. Clip
3. Air branch pipes
4. Coupling bolt
5. Panel of a sound signal
6. Steering wheel
7. Lower casing
8. Top casing
9.   Fixing  bolts  of the lower arm
10. Bolts and nuts of the top arm
11. Steering column
13, Casing of an intermediate shaft

17:2í Make adjusting unwind on intermediate to a shaft and a shaft of a steering column, and also on the lower end of an intermediate shaft and an entrance shaft рулевсго the mechanism (the Precis model is shown)

2. Make adjusting marks in the universal hinge, to a shaft of a steering column, the lower universal hinge and an entrance shaft of the steering mechanism (17.2a and 17.2b).
3. Turn off coupling bolts of the top and lower clips of the universal hinge.

17.4 The dustproof cover fastens to a partition by means of three bolts (the Precis model is shown)

4. Turn off bolts of a dustproof casing (17.4) and remove it.
5. Disconnect an intermediate shaft from a shaft of the steering mechanism. Disconnect an intermediate shaft from a shaft of a steering column and remove it from the car.
6. Installation is carried out upside-down removals. Combine adjusting marks and tighten coupling bolts till the required inhaling moment.