12. Brake system

Technical characteristics
1. General description
2. System of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS) - the general description
3. Brake overlays of disk brakes (forward and back) - replacement
4. A support of a disk brake - removal, a partition and installation
5. A brake disk - survey, removal and installation
6. Brake shoes of drum brakes - replacement
7. The wheel cylinder - removal, a partition and installation
8. The main cylinder of the brake system - removal, a partition and installation
9. The valve of restriction of pressure - removal and installation
10. Brake hoses and tubes - check and replacement
11. Pumping of the brake system
12. A servoamplifier of brakes - check, removal and installation
13. Manual
14. Ropes of the emergency brake - replacement
15. The switch of fires of a stoplight - removal, installation and adjustment