12.8. The wheel cylinder - removal, a partition and installation

1. Lift the car and remove a wheel.
2. Remove brake shoes.
3. Clear the wheel cylinder and area around it.
6. Remove the wheel cylinder from a guard of a brake and close the end of a brake tube.

7.4 Turn off connection of a brake tube, then turn off two fixing bolts of the wheel cylinder (are specified by shooters)

7.7 Elements of the wheel cylinder
1. Cover
2. Piston and cap
3. Piston
4. Cap
5. Cylinder
4. Turn off a nut of connection of a brake tube (7.4).
5. Turn off fixing bolts of the cylinder.

7. Unscrew the final screw, remove pistons and covers from the cylinder (7.7). Remove consolidations from pistons.
8.  Clear the cylinder brake fluid or alcohol.
9. Compressed air blow channels of the cylinder.
10. Check the internal surface of the cylinder for existence of corrosion or scratches.
11. Grease new consolidations with pure brake fluid.
12. Collect elements of the wheel cylinder.
13. Grease silicone lubricant a cylinder installation site on a brake guard, install the cylinder and fixing bolts.
14. Connect a brake tube and tighten a connection nut, then tighten fixing bolts of the cylinder till the required inhaling moment.
15. Pump over brakes.
16. Check work of brakes.