12.4. Brake overlays of disk brakes (forward and back) - replacement

Attention! Brake slips need to be replaced on both forward or back wheels at the same time the Dust formed as a result of wear of brake slips contains asbestos which it is hazardous to health do not inhale it
1. Pump out brake fluid from a tank
2. Put the car on the emergency brake Lift the car
3. Remove wheels
4. Examine a surface of a brake disk

3.5a the Support of a forward brake - PFS15 (model Colt, Lancer, Mirage)
1. Bolt
2. Bolt
3. A support arm (with slips and fastenings)
4. Plug
5. B. Vtulk's cover
7. Dustproof cap
8. Consolidation
9. Piston
Brake hose
11. Support

3.5b the Support of a forward brake - AD54, the AD60 model is similar (the Cordia/Tredia/Galant models without
2. Arm
3. Plug
4. Cover
6. Brake hose
7. Ring
8. Piston and dustproof cap
9. Consolidation of the piston

3.5v the Support of a forward brake - the Galant model with a turbo-supercharging of 1991 of release later
1 Internal slip                           
2 Fastening                                             
3 External slip                                
4 Slip                                               
5 Fastening                                             
6 Arm                                            
7 Fixing ring                                
8 Cover                                    
9 Piston                                                               
10 Consolidation              
11 Fixing ring                                                       
12 Cover                                         
13 Piston                                                     
14 Consolidation
15 Cover
16 Support
17 Finger
18 Finger
19 Plug
20 Cover

3.5g the Support of a forward brake - a support of Sumitomo (Precis model)
1 Dustproof screen                          
2 Brake disk                                    
3 Support                                                  
4 Consolidation                                            
5 Piston                                                
6 Cap                                               
7 Cap                                               
8 Consolidation                                            
9 Slips                                               
10 Antinoise slip             
11 Pin                                             
12 External support                     
13 Clip                                                               
14 Protective plate                         
15 Clip
16 Arm
17 Plug
18 Fixing ring
19 Fixing ring
20 Consolidation
21 Final screw

3.5d the Support of a forward brake - a support of Tokico (Precis model)
1  Covers
2 Finger
3 Bolt
4 Arm
5 Spring
6 Slip
7 Brake slips
8 Covers
9 Piston
10 Consolidation
11  Covers
12 Plug
13 Cypporti
14 Plug
15 Bolt
16 Final screw
17 Cap
18 Connecting bolt
19 Hose
20 Washer

3.5e the Back disk brake - the AD54 model (Galant models)
1 Brake hose
2 Finger
3 It is not used
4 Plug
5 Cover
6 Cover
Fixing ring
8 Dustproof cover
9 Piston
10 Consolidation
11 Cutting lock ring
12 Casing
13 Returnable spring
14 Spring washer
15 Limiter
16 Axis of the adjusting mechanism
17 Connecting link
18 Sealing ring
19 Lever
20 Cover
21 Lever of the emergency brake
22 Returnable spring
23 Final screw
24 Support
25 External slip
26 Slips
27 Fastening
28 Fastening In
29 Finger
30 Plug
31 Arm

5. Operation of replacement of slips differs on different models (3.5a, 3.5b, 3.5v, 3.5g, 3.5d and 3.5e)

Supports of Sumitomo (Precis model)

3.6a Remove a protective plate

3.6b Clear brakes the cleaning solution

3.6v Disconnect the M-shaped clip from an external brake slip...

3.6g... then remove a clip

3.6d by means of flat-nose pliers remove the To-shaped clip

3.6e Get both fingers

3.6zh by means of a clamp press an internal slip to a support to lower the piston deep into of the cylinder to receive additional space for installation of new slips

3.6z Get brake slips from a support

3.6i Remove antinoise slips

3.6k Before installation of new slips apply antinoise structure on a reverse side of slips

3.6l Establish new slips and fastenings

6. You watch Rice 3.6a, 3.6b, 3.6v, 3.6g, 3.6d, 3.6e, 3.6e, 3.6zh, 3.6z, 3.6i, 3.6k, 3.6l
Supports of all other models

3.7 By means of a clamp press the piston deep into of the cylinder

7. By means of a with-shaped clamp press the piston deep into of a support (3.7)

3.8 Remove the lower fixing bolt or a finger

8. Remove the lower fixing bolt or the lower finger (3.8)

3.9 Lift a support and suspend it

9. Lift a support and tie up it (3.9)

3.10 Remove brake slips

10. Remove  slips  from  an arm  of a support (3.10)
11. Lower the piston deep into of a support the hammer handle
12. Grease  with antinoise  lubricant  the back party of brake slips
13. Establish spring clips on an arm Establish an antinoise overlay for an external slip (3.5a, 3.5b, 3.5v, 3.5g, 3.5d) and establish overlays for an arm
14. Lower a support on slips and establish the lower fixing bolt or a finger, having tightened it till the required inhaling moment
All models
15. After replacement of slips squeeze out a brake pedal several times
16. Check liquid level in a tank