12.3. System of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS) - the general description

The ABS system is intended for preservation of controllability of the car and optimum braking by sharp pressing a brake pedal on any pavings.
ABS system elements Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system consists of the main cylinder, the electric pump and the accumulator, system of the relay and a tank with brake fluid.
Sensors of speed of rotation of wheels
Sensors are installed on each of wheels and inform an electronic control unit on the speed of rotation of each of wheels.
Electronic control unit
The electronic control unit is established on an arm in a motive compartment. The main function of the control unit is data processing from sensors of speed of rotation of wheels and adjustment of pressure in a contour of each of brakes.
Diagnostics and repair
If the alarm bulb of ABS on an instrument guard lights up and does not die away when driving, means in the ABS system malfunction is found
Before addressing experts, check the level of brake fluid, check reliability of all sockets of connection and connection of hydraulic hoses and tubes, check safety locks