12:11. Brake hoses and tubes - check and replacement

1.  Approximately each six months brake hoses need to be examined on existence of cracks, wear tracks and other damages.
2. When replacing tubes and hoses use only branded spare parts.
3. At installation of brake tubes leave a gap at least in 19 mm between a tube and any moving or vibrating elements.

10:4á Remove a spring clip from connection of a brake hose

10:4í In order that the hose did not rotate, hold its connection by means of a wrench

4. At a detachment of a tube or a hose remove a spring clip (10.4a) in the beginning: Then turn off a connection nut (10.4b).
5. At a detachment of two hoses, turn off connection by means of two wrenches.
6. Before removal of brake tubes disconnect all fixing clips. At installation of a tube use all clips for its fixing as they prevent vibration of a tube which can lead to damage of tubes.