11.7. The main cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling - removal, a partition and installation

1. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator.

6.2 Elements of fastening of the main cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling
1. Check
2. Washer
3. Pin

2. Disconnect a cylinder pusher from a pedal of coupling (6.2).
3. Disconnect a hydraulic tube from the cylinder.
4. Turn off two nuts fixing the cylinder and remove it.
5. Merge hydraulic liquid and remove cans from the cylinder.

6.6 Elements of the main cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling
1. Cutting lock ring       
2. Pusher                       
3. Cover                          
4. Piston                       
5. Cover                
6. Clip
7. Tank       
8. Main cylinder
9. Disconnect a spring from the piston.
10. Remove a spring saddle, an epiploon and a washer from a pusher.
11. Remove consolidation from the piston.
12. Examine the internal surface of the cylinder on existence of scratches or wear tracks and replace it if it is necessary.
13. Before installation wash out all elements in alcohol, pure brake fluid or the cleaning liquid of brakes. Do not use solvents on the basis of gasoline.
14. Install consolidation on the piston. Edges of consolidation have to be turned from a piston pusher
15. Install a spring on the piston
16. Grease the internal surface of the cylinder and consolidation with pure brake fluid (DOT3).
17. Accurately install the piston in the cylinder.
18. Install a pusher and a washer in the cylinder, squeeze a spring and establish a new cutting lock ring.
19. Grease a dustproof cap and install it on the cylinder.

6. Take away a cover on a pusher (6.6) and remove a cutting lock ring.        
7. Remove a pusher.
8. Beat out the piston from the cylinder.
20. Install the main cylinder on a back wall of a motive compartment and slightly tighten fixing nuts.
21. Connect a hydraulic tube to the cylinder
22. Tighten fixing nuts of the cylinder till the required inhaling moment, then delay connection of a tube.
23. In interior of the car connect a pusher to a coupling pedal.
24. Fill in hydraulic liquid in a cylinder tank and pump over hydraulic system.