11.4. Coupling elements - removal, check and installation

Attention! The dust formed as a result of wear of a clutch plate contains asbestos which is hazardous to health. Do not inhale it.
1. Every time at removal of the engine or transmission is recommended to replace worn-out elements of coupling.
2. Remove the transmission from the engine.

3.3 Make marks in a press disk and a flywheel (if you do not replace press a disk)

3. Install the centering tool in a clutch plate for its fixing. Put adjusting marks in a press disk and a flywheel (3.3).
4. Gradually in a diagonal order turn off bolts of fastening of a press disk to a flywheel and remove press a disk and a clutch plate.

3.5 Clutch plate
1. Frictional material
2. Marks - (This party to Flywheel Side flywheel)
3. Rivets

5. Examine a flywheel on existence of cracks, flutes and other damages. Examine the conducted clutch plate on existence of the loosened rivets, deformation, cracks, the broken springs and other damages (3.5).
6. The release bearing is recommended to be replaced together with a clutch plate.

3.7a Replace press a disk if plates of a diaphragm spring are worn-out, broken or bent
1. Normal wear
2. Excessive wear
3. Excessive wear
4. The broken or bent plates

3.7b Examine a surface of a press disk on existence of scratches, cracks or traces of an overheat (blue spots)

7. Examine a surface of a press disk and a plate of a diaphragm spring (3.7a and 3.7b). If on a surface there are flutes or other damages, replace press a disk.
8. Before installation clear a flywheel and press a disk solvent or acetone.

3.9 Establish a clutch plate on the center of a press disk by means of the centering tool

9. Establish a clutch plate and press a disk on a flywheel (3.9), holding a clutch plate by means of the centering tool.
10. Slightly tighten bolts of fastening of a press disk to a flywheel.
11. The centering tool adjust the provision of the conducted disk so that it stood precisely on the center of a press disk, then tighten fixing bolts till the required inhaling moment.
12. Grease with high-temperature lubricant an internal flute of the release bearing. Also grease the release lever and the bearing of an entrance shaft.
13. Install the release bearing into place.
14. Install the transmission and all elements removed earlier.