11.3. Coupling - the description and check

2.1 Coupling elements - models with the mechanical drive of switching off of coupling
1 Bolts of fastening of a press disk to a flywheel
2 Press disk
3 The conducted disk
4 Fixing  clip  of the release bearing
5 Release bearing
6 Spring pin
7 Coupling switching off fork axis
8 Coupling switching off fork
9 Epiploon
10 Returnable spring
11 Washers

1 On all models dry, one-disk coupling with a diaphragm spring the coupling switching off Drive hydraulic is established and consists of a pedal of coupling, the main cylinder and a tank, hydraulic tubes, the working cylinder, a fork of switching off of coupling and the release bearing (2.1)
2 For diagnostics of malfunctions carry out the following inspections check the level of hydraulic liquid, clutch plate stop time, the coupling switching off drive, check the plug of a pedal of coupling and a rope