10.8. The blocking switch - check, replacement and adjustment

1 Try to start the engine at various provisions of the lever of the selector - the starter has to join only when the lever of the selector is in the provision of neutral or parking transfer
2 Remove the accumulator and the air filter
3 Transfer the selector lever to the provision of neutral transfer

7.4 Turn the blocking switch so that its flange was combined with shorter of two rychazhok (A), then tighten bolts
1 Lever
2 Bolts
3 Switch flange

4 Turn off a nut and disconnect the lever from an axis on the transmission (7.4)
5 Disconnect the socket of connection of the switch
6 Turn off two fixing bolts and remove the switch
7 Installation is carried out upside-down removals
8 Turn the switch so that shorter of two rychazhok was combined with a flange on the switch case, then tighten bolts till the required moment of an inhaling (7.4)
9 Check operation of the mechanism of the selector and adjust the switch repeatedly if it is necessary