10.3. Search and elimination of malfunctions of the automatic transmission - the general description

Preliminary checks
1. Pass on the car to warm up the transmission up to the normal working temperature.
2. Check the level of liquid of the automatic transmission.
3. Check the speed of operation of the engine in the idling mode.
4. Check adjustment of a rope of a butterfly valve and adjust it if it is necessary
5. Check a rope of the selector of the automatic transmission.
Search and elimination of leak of liquid
6. At detection of leak try to define type of liquid and the place of leak.
7. After definition of the place of leak try to establish the reason which caused leak it it is necessary to eliminate in order that leak did not arise again
The proceeding laying
8. Periodically examine the oil pallet. Check that bolts were reliably tightened, and laying was in good shape
9. If leak was found, it is possible that bolts are tightened too strongly, the pressurizing surface of the transmission or laying is damaged
The proceeding epiploons
10. If the epiploon of the transmission proceeds, it is possible that liquid pressure in the transmission too high, is littered an air vent, the nest of an epiploon is damaged or the epiploon is incorrectly established,    the surface  of a half shaft is damaged  or half shaft bearings are worn-out.
11. Check consolidation of a tube of the probe for check   of level   of oil. Periodically   examine area around the drive of a speedometer or the sensor of speed on existence of traces of leak. If they are present, check a sealing ring
Leaks from a transmission case
12. If the case proceeds, it needs to be repaired or replaced.
13. Check connections of oil hoses
Leak from a ventilating tube or a tube of the gulf of liquid
14. If liquid follows from these tubes, the transmission means it is crowded, cooling liquid got to liquid of the automatic transmission, the air  vent  is littered  or  drain openings are corked.