1. The maintenance instruction of the Mitsubishi Colt/Lancer/Mirage/Galant/Eterna/Saporro/Sigma/Magna/Cordia/Tredia/Precis cars from 1983 to 1993 release

Number of the chassis
Number of the engine
The plate with a car code
The most admissible towed freight, the trailer with brakes
Control and precautionary bulbs
Light switch
Switch of the index of turn and change of a strip
Switch of headlights and washer
Sink of headlights
Type I - Moika back glass
Type II - Moika back glass
Fog lights
Internal lighting
Central lock
Blocking of a back door (if children go)
Opening of a cowl
Luggage carrier
Fuel tank
Electrowindow regulators
Opening of the hatch
Digital watch
Places for storage of things
Ware box
Removal of snow with forward and side glasses
External mirror with the electric drive
Tools and jack
Safety locks
Fog stop fires and fires of a backing
Elimination of malfunctions
 If the engine is not started - simple check
 If the engine became too hot - the carburetor engine.
 If the engine too hot - the diesel engine
 Check of a state
Care of the car
 Washing of interior of your car
 Cleaning of plastic elements, imitation leather and fabric
 Upholstery of seats
 Genuine leather
 Washing of the car outside Harmful substances
 Wash of the car
 In cold season
 Processing of a body of the car by protective structures
 The damaged paint
 Cleaning of plastic elements
 The chromeplated elements
 Cast disks of wheels from aluminum alloy (if are established)
 Brushes of screen wipers
 Replacement of brushes of a screen wiper of a windshield
 Screen wiper levers
 Cleaning of the top hatch
Motive compartment
 Service of the cooling system
 Check of level of cooling liquid
 Loss of cooling liquid
 Does not work
 Dolivka of cooling liquid
 Engine cooling system fan
 Winter operation
 Filling of a water tank
 Hydraulic booster of brakes
 Check of level of brake fluid
 Brake fluid
 Anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS)
 The general
 New tires
 Wear of tires
 Pressure of tires
 In the movement
 Error of installation of a wheel
 Wear sign
 Replacement of wheels
 Replacement of tires
 Characteristic type of the drawing of a protector at abnormal wear of tires.
 Shift of wheels
 Installation of winter tires and chains
 Installation of winter tires
 Instructions for use chains
 Spare wheel
 Replacement of a wheel
Useful tips for owners of the diesel car
 What attracts the diesel with?
 Why the diesel rustles?
 Care of the diesel
 The table of malfunctions and methods of their elimination on the diesel with the fuel equipment of Bosch
 Purchase of the second-hand engine
 Be healthy the diesel