1.44. Useful tips for owners of the diesel car

What attracts the diesel with?
Why the diesel rustles?
Care of the diesel
The table of malfunctions and methods of their elimination on the diesel with the fuel equipment of Bosch
Purchase of the second-hand engine
Be healthy the diesel

Useful tips for owners of the diesel car
If you think of transition to the diesel but do not know how to look after him the hands we will tell that at once that is not more difficult to support the diesel in good shape the petrol engine at all
Diesel cars are famous for the durability, but it does not mean at all that it is not required to show care of them
The prices of used diesel cars in the West fall. It is connected with the fact that long time the sales volume of new diesel cars was very high and therefore in the market of used cars now their large number New diesel cars are much more expensive equivalent to them in parameters of petrol fellows besides there passed that time when a diesel row, habitual today for us, was exhausted only by one model producers the diesels which are able to deliver on the market meeting the highest requirements Today
Country regrets are worthy if such are available in which diesel fuel costs equally with gasoline or even exceeds it. But even in this case you will be the winner as at diesel cars usually higher service life, but only provided that a big annual run Any economy will be impossible to you only at small annual run you save on spark plugs though it is clear that when using spark plugs with frequency of replacement of 60 thousand km economy on them will be small. At the same time you will lose on more frequent replacement of oil and the filter