1.44.5. Purchase of the second-hand engine

Be attentive upon purchase of the second-hand diesel Diesels work long, but it does not mean that you should not examine all traditionally worn out places. On some engines it is very easy to disguise both the operation duration, and wear. At assessment of a condition of such engine there is a danger "to make a blunder" if you badly understand diesels.
As well as at petrol engines, the exhaust of the diesel has to be the homeless. Besides, there should not be a smoke an open mouth of an oil-filling tube on the heated-up engine. As big noisiness, than to the petrol engine is peculiar to the diesel, you have to distinguish working noise from knock of worn-out pistons, rods, a cam-shaft and тд. If you have doubts in the relation of a condition of the engine, then ask for the help professionals.
Turbodiesels are very popular as the turbo-supercharging well is entered in characteristics of the diesel. Turbocompressors work with the small pressure of pressurization and on small turns of the engine that provides them longer, than at petrol engines service life. Turbodiesels excellently are suitable for tractors and multiton lorries.
However it is difficult for diesel automatic devices to correspond to requests of the automatic transmission because of the flat characteristic of torque. Only the few manufacturers are concerned about this problem. Among them Citroën, Mercedes, Peugeot and Opel which recently joined them, but also that they use automatic transmissions only by cars of middle class.
Thanks to all of the increasing popularity, on diesels do not look as at the poor relative any more, and on the level of the finishing they completely correspond to the petrol fellows
Upon purchase pay attention to the residual cost of the diesel. In due time diesel cars gave an impetus to growth of sales volume of cars in Germany, but the peak of sales volume was reached four years ago and so far there is a gradual recession so be convinced that you do not overpay for honor to become the owner of a diesel car.
Check a run. Diesel cars are bought up for their potentially high reliability and perhaps big run Especially when they are bought by new. But it does not mean at all that you should not pay attention to the run counter. Really, many dealers do not like to deal with cars which run passed for 80 thousand km and, respectively, adjust the price of them. Or, without philosophizing crafty, just dump a run on the counter the Run in 160 thousand km is quite natural to well served diesel, but think twice if the counter shows 320 thousand km or, especially, if this second-hand taxi with such run.
Except for the engine, the majority of diesel cars on the device are identical to the petrol fellows, the same treats also suspension brackets, brakes, but consider the prices of spare parts. For example, exhaust systems serve long, but differ from similar petrol engines. And if you got used to buy spare parts from razborshchik of emergency cars, then keep in mind that details of petrol engines can be externally similar and approach by the sizes, however the block of cylinders of the diesel differs from the similar block of the petrol engine and cannot be in most cases chosen as replacement. Also transfer numbers of transmissions and coupling differ.