1.43. Wheels

The general
New tires
Wear of tires
Pressure of tires
In the movement
Error of installation of a wheel
Wear sign
Replacement of wheels
Replacement of tires
Characteristic type of the drawing of a protector at abnormal wear of tires.
Shift of wheels
Installation of winter tires and chains
Installation of winter tires
Instructions for use chains
Spare wheel
Replacement of a wheel

Tires and disks are important elements of a design. Therefore the tires and disks allowed by us for use are brought into exact accord with car type and by that substantially promote preservation of roads in good shape and provide reliable dynamic properties.
If the car is equipped subsequently with tires or disks which differ from the tires or disks established at the plant it is necessary to consider the following:
For reasons of technical character not in each case disks of other cars - can be used under the known conditions also not disks of the car of the same type!
Disks and bolts for wheels are brought into accord among themselves in the constructive plan!
Therefore at each re-equipment on other disks (for example, disks from light alloy or a wheel with a set of tires with the winter drawing of a protector) it is necessary to use the bolts relating here for wheels of the corresponding length and a form of a hemisphere. Motionless landing of wheels and functioning of the brake system depend on it!
As a result of use of tires and/or disks which were not allowed by us - for use for your type of the car traffic safety can be broken.
If caps of wheels are established subsequently, it is necessary to pay attention to that sufficient air supply for cooling of the brake system was provided.