1.43.9. Replacement of tires

For a reason of traffic safety to make replacement of tires, whenever possible, not separately, and, at least, serially axes. The tires having more considerable protector height always have to be installed on forward wheels.
To combine only radial tires of an identical design, the size and, whenever possible, identical drawing of a protector.
For safety reasons at each installation of the new tubeless tire to use the new gate with the rubberized case.
Use of the camera in "tubeless" tires has to be limited to exceptional cases. At the same time it is necessary to provide that the air which appeared between the camera and a tire could come out via the gate.
Performance of repair of tires requires very large volume of special knowledge, and it has to be carried out by the expert.
Performance of balancing of wheels
Forward wheels of the new car  are balanced.  However  in use the car under the influence of various factors there can be an imbalance which becomes noticeable when driving.
As the imbalance also results in the increased wear of a control system, suspension bracket of wheels and tires, it is necessary to execute repeated balancing of wheels. Besides, it is necessary to execute repeated balancing of a wheel after installation of the new tire and after each repair of the tire.