1.43.4. Pressure of tires

Too small or too big pressure of inflating of tires reduces service life of a set of tires and exerts adverse impact on behavior of the car at the movement.
At high speed for an appreciable length of time the tire with insignificant pressure has to create more work of side deformation, at the same time it excessively heats up. It can lead to renting of a protector and even to a rupture of the tire. Besides, because of too small pressure fuel consumption increases.
Therefore, it is necessary to check pressure two times a month, and also before each long trip, at the same time do not forget about a spare wheel. Always check air pressure on cold tires. Not to reduce the elevated pressure of air in hot tires. Parameters of inflating of tires are placed further in the text, and also on a sticker and on the left longitudinal detail of a door between door hinges.