1.43.16. Replacement of a wheel

To tighten to the full the emergency brake. At the inclined plane of the carriageway in addition to block the wheel which is opposite by means of a wedge or a stone.
By means of a key for installation of wheels and a wire bracket to take off decorative caps, to suspend a wire bracket in a dual opening on the edge of a cap, to insert a key through a bracket and to hook a cap as the lever.
By means of a key to turn off nuts/bolts approximately on one turn.
To establish a jack against the stop in the corresponding basis (drawing). If it is necessary, carefully before it to clean the place for a jack emphasis! Whenever possible, to establish a jack in vertical position.
At the soft basis to enclose a strong support of the big area under a jack.
To unscrew nuts/bolts and to remove a wheel.
In cars with aluminum disks to replace wheel nave covers.
To establish a spare wheel and to slightly tighten all nuts / bolts.
To provide strong landing of a spare wheel, on prileganiye surfaces to a nave of a wheel or the brake drum and to nuts/bolts there should not be neither dirt, nor a rust.
To lower the car, and by means of a crosspiece to tighten to the full nuts/bolts.
After replacement of a wheel it is necessary to check as soon as possible by means of a dynamometer key pressure of inflating of the established spare wheel and the moment of an inhaling of bolts/nuts.
Attention! The jack put from the plant is intended only for a raising of the car of this kind as yours by means of this jack heavy vehicles or other freights should not rise At all It is forbidden to work under the car lifted by means of a jack
If subsequently it is required to equip the car with other tires or disks which will differ from established at the plant without fail it is necessary to consider the corresponding instructions described earlier