1.43.15. Spare wheel

The spare wheel is or in front under a car floor on the "bowl" opened down or behind in a luggage carrier.
In the car with an open platform depending on a car design the spare wheel can be also in a compartment for the safe under a cargo platform.
The spare wheel in a luggage carrier is screwed on the left sidewall. For removal of a wheel manually to unscrew fixing screws.
For safety reasons the spare wheel during the movement has to be always rigidly screwed.
For extraction of a spare wheel under a car floor by means of the key used for installation of wheels to unscrew a bolt with a six-sided head and to pull for a gripping hook.
Carefully! "Bowl" of a spare wheel falls down - the risk to be traumatized!
Then to take a wheel in a forward direction.
In cars with a forward spoiler, before extraction of a spare wheel, can be required to reduce load of the car in front. If necessary, it is possible to raise a little by means of an automobile jack the car in front or to remove a spoiler.
For the return installation of a spare wheel by means of a key,
used for installation of wheels to shift a spare wheel down on "bowl" and strong breakthrough to turn "bowl" up so that the gripping hook entered gearing. Then again to wrap a bolt with a six-sided head and to tighten to the full.
For safety reasons the holder of a spare wheel has to be always screwed that incidentally there could not be an unblocking of "bowl" of a spare wheel.