1.42.9. Service

The following instructions are important for the correct functioning of the brake system.
New overlays of brake shoes have to "get used" and therefore approximately on the first 200 km they have no optimum friction force yet. A little reduced brake action can be compensated by stronger pressing a brake pedal.
On a bias brake operation of the engine can be used by means of timely switching to the lowest step of the transmission. Thanks to it, it is unloaded the brake system If it is required to execute additional braking, then it has to occur not in the long mode, and through intervals
Under certain conditions operation, for example, after overcoming water barriers, at a heavy rain or washes of the car owing to damp or in winter time of the rimed brake disks and slips action of brakes can come with a delay.
At movement along the roads salted the full brake effect can occur with a delay too if for a long time brakes did not come into effect - the salt layer on brake disks and brake slips when braking has to be at first сошлифован.
Wear of brake slips to a large extent depends on service conditions and a way of management. Therefore especially in cars which often make trips around the city and on short distances or management of which is carried out very correctly, during the period between the intervals specified in respect of works on servicing there can be a need for check of reliability of brake slips.
If the pedal course suddenly increases, so the contour of the brake drive of the brake system with the double-circuit drive failed.
The signal of refusal of a contour of the brake  drive  is given  by fire of a control lamp of braking.
It is regularly necessary to check the level of brake fluid - look further.