1.42.5. Dolivka of cooling liquid

At fire of an alarm bulb of cooling liquid it is also necessary to check a compensation tank and, if necessary, to fill to the brim.
At first to switch off the engine and to allow to cool down a little, then to cover with a rag a carving cover, to carefully turn a cover on a quarter of a turn to the left and to allow to leave to excessive pressure. After that completely to unscrew a cover.
Attention! Not to open a carving cover at the hot engine
- you risk to get burn! The cooling system is under pressure!
Not to make filling above the mark "Max."
The excess amount of cooling liquid when heating quits the cooling system.
In order that protection against corrosion was always provided, there was no calcification of the cooling system and the boiling limit did not decrease, the ratio of components of mix of cooling liquid should not change as well in warm season or in tropical countries as a result of pure filling: the component of additive to cooling liquid has to make not less than 40% (protection against freezing to -25 °C).
To screw to the full the cover screw.
After that it is necessary to execute a cooling system deaerating at the working engine (considerably the increased rotation frequency when idling). For this purpose to remove an air admission lattice (look further), to turn off a carving stopper of an air vent above on a radiator and to install the heating lever on "warm" ("warm"). As soon as cooling liquid comes out, to close a carving stopper of an air vent. To add cooling liquid in a compensation tank and a tank for a dolivka.