Армен Саркисян Меружанович

1.42.3. Loss of cooling liquid

Under usual service conditions the cooling system almost does not demand service. Losses of cooling liquid can be explained first of all with leakage. In this case the cooling system has to be immediately checked by service of firm. Idle time of a dolivka of cooling liquid will be insufficiently.
At tight system of loss can take place only when cooling liquid begins to boil as a result of an overheat and by that it is squeezed out from the cooling system.
Reasons of an overheat of cooling liquid:
Supply of the cooling air, for example, through radiator blinds owing to considerable pollution of plates of a radiator (leaves, dust, insects) or additional headlights before a front grille is broken,
Owing to the wrong ratio of components of mix, the limit of boiling of cooling liquid decreased.