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1.42.1. Service of the cooling system

The cooling system is filled at the plant with cooling liquid with long service life which replacement is not made. Cooling liquid consists of water and additive of means to it against freezing on the basis of glycol with anticorrosive additives. This mix provides not only necessary protection against a frost and corrosion, but also also prevents subsidence of lime and considerably raises a limit of boiling of cooling liquid. If there is a need for a dolivka of cooling liquid or" in replacement to the filled liquid, for this reason it is necessary to use only mix from clear water and means or additive to cooling liquid.
Attention! Additive to cooling liquid and cooling liquid are poisonous!
Therefore additive to cooling liquid should be stored in the branded tank in inaccessible, especially for children, the place. If it is required to merge cooling liquid, it needs to be stored in the reliable place too.
The motor office is, a tank for a dolivka and a compensation tank. Level of cooling liquid is usually checked only in a tank for a dolivka. In a compensation tank it is necessary to check level only at big losses of cooling liquid or at fire of a bulb of control of temperature of the cooling liquid/level of cooling liquid.