1.41. Care of the car

Washing of interior of your car
Cleaning of plastic elements, imitation leather and fabric
Upholstery of seats
Genuine leather
Washing of the car outside Harmful substances
Wash of the car
In cold season
Processing of a body of the car by protective structures
The damaged paint
Cleaning of plastic elements
The chromeplated elements
Cast disks of wheels from aluminum alloy (if are established)
Brushes of screen wipers
Replacement of brushes of a screen wiper of a windshield
Screen wiper levers
Cleaning of the top hatch

Care of the car
In order that the car did not lose the appearance, behind it attentive leaving is necessary. When carrying out maintenance and care of the car use only those substances and materials which do not harm the surrounding nature. When using these or those structures you watch that they did not contain the rusting substances.

Precautionary measures: Cleaners can be dangerous. Some of them are poisonous or easily combustible. Steam inhalation of some of them is hazardous to health. When using cleaner for cleaning of the car, follow instructions of the producer of this means. Always you hold windows and doors of the car opened when cleaning salon. Never use the following substances and structures for cleaning of the car:
- Gasoline
- Benzene
- Naphtha
- Turpentine
- Varnish
- Solvent
- Soot
- Tetrachloride
- Acetone
- Solvent of paints
- Polishing means
- Means All these substances are dangerous to removal of paint and can
to damage the car.