1.41.8. Processing of a body of the car by protective structures

Process a car body protective structure one or two times a year, or when the surface of the car ceases to push away moisture. You apply a small amount of the protectant on the painted surface by means of a soft rag. After that, the protectant will dry, polish it by means of a dry soft rag.
Do not process a car body protective structure under direct sunshine. The protective structure needs to be applied on cold metal. It is not recommended to use the protective structures containing highly abrasive substances.
Such protective structures effectively delete a rust and spots, but can luster from the painted surface as together with a rust and spots they delete also a polishing covering. Such structures also negatively influence "brilliant surfaces, such as a lattice of facing of a radiator or elements of finishing.
Do not use gasoline or solvents for removal from the painted surface of road tar or other pollutants.
On cars with the top hatch, watches to applying a body sheeting on consolidation of the top hatch (black rubber). If on consolidation such protectant gets, it will be able not to pass moisture via the top hatch any more.