1.41.6. Wash of the car

The chemicals which are contained in the dust and dirt which got on a car body can damage painting  of the car  and  cause metal corrosion if they are is in contact with a body surface for a long time.
The best protection of the car against damages such is the frequent sink and putting protective substances on a body surface.
It will also protect the car from a rain, snow, salt, etc.
Do not wash the car under direct beams of the sun. Park the car in a shadow and pour over it water - for removal of dust. Then, using a large amount of water and a bast, wash up all car.
Use the soft soap intended for washing of cars if it is necessary. Carefully wash away all detergent and wipe the car dry by means of suede or other soft fabric. After the car will be washed up, carefully clear all places of connections and edge of doors, powders, etc. as there still there can be a dirt.

Precautionary measures:
1. At a sink of the bottom of the car put on rubber gloves to protect hands.
2. Try not to use automatic sinks with the rotating brushes. In a sink of this kind, the surface of a body can be scratched. Scratches are especially noticeable on cars with dark painting.                         
3. In some automatic sinks the car washes hot water under pressure
It can damage rubber elements of the car as a result of influence of too high temperature, and also, in salon water can get. When using a sink of this kind, you watch that between the end of a hose and the car there was a distance not less than 40 centimeters.