1.41.4. Genuine leather

1. Wipe skin with the soft chopper moistened  in  5% solution of the neutral washing powder for washing of woolen products and warm water.
2. Wash out a rag in clear water and carefully unscrew it. With the help it is rags carefully wipe the cleared elements, deleting cleaner.
3. Apply on skin protecting sredstvo.149

Note. 1. If on skin there are water drops, they need to be wiped as soon as possible by means of dry, soft fabric.
2. By means of cleaner for cleaning of skin, from its surface it is possible to delete easy spots also.
3.     The surface    of genuine leather can be damaged if to carry out on it by densely pressed nylon brush or synthetic fabric.
4.  Organic solvents, such as benzene, alcohol, gasoline, acid or alkaline solutions can lead to change of color of genuine leather therefore, they are recommended be not to used
5.  Pollution on natural skin can promote formation of a mold. Immediately delete such spots if they appear.
6. Genuine leather can dry up and crack if it   is subject   to influence of direct sunshine during a long period. Try to park the car in a shadow.
7. At temperature increase in interior of the car in hot summer day, the plastic things left on sitting can melt and stick to leather sitting.