1.41.17. Screen wiper levers

7. Check a condition of the lever. During the weakening of springs and signs of wear of shlits replace the lever.
8. The nut of fastening of the lever of a brush is closed by a cap. At removal of the lever these caps need to be removed for access to a nut.
9. Make sure that the lever is in parked (extreme lower) situation. If necessary include a screen wiper and switch off that levers were installed in the necessary situation. Along brushes paste an adhesive tape on glass to designate the provision of brushes.
10. Turn off a nut and remove the lever from an axis. Remember an order of an arrangement of all details - washers, plugs, laying, etc. (photo). If necessary   hook   the lever the screw-driver, being careful not to damage coloring. Before removal of the lever of a brush of back glass from an axis, the lever is recommended to be lifted.
11.  Installation  is carried out  upside-down. Establish new brushes, having combined them with strips of the pasted tape. Upon termination of remove the pasted strips from glass.