1.41.16. Replacement of brushes of a screen wiper of a windshield

1. Assembly opening
If screen wipers do not clean faultlessly any more, perhaps their brushes are worn-out, they should be updated.
and. To flatten the top end of a brush of a screen wiper inside until under a tip of a brush the trailer cut of a frame of a screen wiper opens and the assembly opening will be visible.
. Extend a brush through an assembly opening.
1. A thickening - a small knot
century. At installation of a new brush of a screen wiper to enter the end designated by small "small knot" at first into an assembly opening and insert a brush along a screen wiper brush frame cut.

Removal of the lever of a brush

. After the brush is completely inserted into a cut, to allow it to stretch and then insert a tip completely into the place of its landing.