1.41.13. Cast disks of wheels from aluminum alloy (if are established)

Clear disks of wheels from aluminum alloy by means of soap and water, protect their surface, having put protective structure. Do not use means for polishing of the chromeplated elements or the abrasive cleaning substances as it will damage a sheeting
Precautionary measures for cast aluminum disks
Throughout a run of the first 1600 km check an inhaling of nuts of wheels.
After shift or replacement of a wheel check an inhaling of nuts of wheels throughout 1600 km of a run after removal of a wheel.
When using of chains be careful not to damage disks.
Nuts of fastening of disks have to be company, tighten nuts only the key intended for aluminum disks.
When balancing a wheel use only company small weights (or equivalent) which fasten the rubber or plastic hammer.
Periodically check a condition of disks. At detection of damages immediately replace a disk.