1.40.2. If the engine became too hot - the carburetor engine.

If on the remote thermometer it is visible that the engine is overheated, and you established power deceleration, or the knock (detonation) is heard clearly, the engine too hot means. Then it is recommended to work according to the following instructions.
1. To drive up to the roadside, to stop the car, to switch the lever to situation "P" - at the automatic transmission, or to include idling - at the mechanical transmission; to tighten the emergency brake. If the conditioner works, to switch off it.
2. If the cooling  means follows from a radiator or a compensation tank with cooling liquid  or  there is  steam, switch-off the engine; open a cowl and to wait, the .poka of couples will not disappear. If neither steam, nor liquid come out, do not switch off the engine, but check: whether the cooling system fan works. If is not present, then switch off ignition.
3. Additional control Check a wedge-shaped belt
water pump: whether he is relaxed and whether there are no cracks?
Visual check: tightness of a radiator, hoses of a radiator and lower party of the car. It is possible to consider admissible if after operation from the conditioner water drips. When the engine functions, be attentive: hands and clothes should not is near the moving fan and a wedge-shaped belt.
4.   If  the wedge-shaped  belt has cracks or if the cooling   means follows,   immediately switch-off the engine. Address to representation Toyota for carrying out necessary repair.
5. If a wedge-shaped belt as it should be the effluence of cooling liquid is also not revealed, check a compensation tank with cooling liquid. If it is empty, then in a tank it is necessary to fill in water  during functioning of the engine. Fill approximately to a half.

Attention! Do not try at all remove a locking cover of a radiator if the engine and a radiator are warmed. Heavy injuries can be caused by the boiling liquid and steam which escape under pressure.
6. After cooling of the engine up to the normal temperature double-check liquid level in a tank. If necessary fill a tank to a half. Strong loss of cooling liquid means that in the cooling system there are leaks. In a workshop Toyota it is necessary to check the cooling system as soon as possible.